Legal Expense Coverage

Unlimited Telephone Advice – once policy is purchased online the policy wordings provides the purchaser with a toll free telephone number and a unique policy number that allows for access to free unlimited telephone advice from lawyers, chosen from a list of approved law firms, managed by Triton Global

Employment Disputes – A dispute with an employee (ie: wrongful dismissal)

Criminal Defence – Criminal or statutory proceedings arising from business activities – available on Standard & Enhanced Cover packages

Property Disputes – Disputes about possession of property, trespass, eviction orders – available on Standard & Enhanced Cover packages

Personal Injury – Bodily injury to insured while away fro business premises conduction business – available on Standard & Enhanced Cover packages

Contract Disputes – Contracts for services or sale, purchase, lease, rental of goods *only available on Enhanced Cover package

Professional Liability

We offer a competitively priced professional liability package for several classes of professionals. Media & Marketing, including desktop publishing & web design as well as a large selection of consultant businesses. Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability, Office Contents as well as Contents while away from premises are available to purchase in minutes.

Contractor Insurance

Specific trades are eligible to purchase insurance with our online platform. Simply find your classification in the list, answer a few questions and receive a quotation in minutes. If your industry is not specifically classified give us a call. Looking for a Builders Risk policy? We have a painless, affordable solution give us a call 833-601-5554

Home Based Business

If you are operating a business from home you may qualify for our online home based business product. It’s quick, it’s affordable and you can get your policy in minutes.

Auto Mechanic Tool Insurance

Mechanics that own their own tools and want coverage for them can purchase coverage through our online quoting portal.

Special Events Insurance

Get liability coverage for events up to 3 days held at either a private residence or community facility. With or without alcohol.

Vendors Insurance

If you have rented a kiosk, table or booth at a farmers market or similar event either as an individual or a business you may need to purchase insurance. We can help!

Hole In One Insurance

Purchase your insurance for your next tournament here in minutes.