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Affordable Insurance for Licensed Childcare Agencies

Agency package includes:

Property Insurance – You have office contents and devices that can get damaged or stolen. Property insurance can help you protect the things inside your office and and pay for the costs to replace them when a covered loss occurs.
Commercial General Liability – Any incident that results in an injury to a provider or third party or their property could lead to legal action and expensive lawsuits. Commercial General Liability coverage can help you recover from these costs.
Professional Liability – If a client claims that your advice caused a financial loss, this coverage can help you cover legal expenses and damages that cost your client money.
Abuse – What Is Abuse Liability? Simply put, Abuse Liability coverage is protection for companies and organizations regarding claims of abuse of people either under their care or responsibility. If a person in a position of authority misjudges certain situations or abuses their position, any business or group that they are affiliated with becomes automatically accountable — whether they are directly responsible or not.Abuse claims, whether true or false, can cause bad publicity for a company or organization. Not only can there be substantial legal costs and damages paid to victims, but a company’s public image may never recover from the fallout.
Cyber – If your business uses software or online tools for day-to-day operations, then your business is at risk of cybercrime. Cyber coverage can help you recover from expenses caused by cybercrime.

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