Reporting a Claim?


Maggie Pen
Report a claim to us as soon as possible, during office hours call 1-833-601-5554.
For after hours claims emergency service please call your insurance company directly or call 1-888-734-8888.

Ecclesiastical Insurance1-888-693-2253
Wynward Insurance1-800-665-3351

Important Reminders

If the loss is the result of criminal activity, first call the police or the appropriate authorities.
Do not discuss details of the claim or make statements to anyone other than the investigating police officer, your broker or claims representative.
Do not assume the extent of injuries of those parties involved in an incident. Always call and report the incident, no matter how minor an injury may appear.
Gather as much information as possible from all witnesses present at the scene.
Keep bills and receipts for any work you have done.
Whether or not your claim is covered, attempt to limit further damage to your property by:
  • Securing the premises;
  • Covering any exposed property with tarp to protect it from the elements;
  • Hiring a plumber to shut off water or repair broken pipes to prevent additional flooding and water damage;
  • Boarding up or barricading broken windows or glass to decrease the chance of further injury or loss; and,
  • Shutting off electricity if necessary.
Your Claims Representative can provide you with additional guidance on what you can do in your specific situation.