At Magenta Insurance Professionals Inc. we take your privacy seriously and handle the personal information we receive in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.

Magenta Insurance Privacy Policy

Magenta Insurance respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. No matter how we interact with our clients, either through our website, meeting in person, over email or when speaking on the phone – privacy matters to us.

In providing insurance services to our clients, it will be necessary to obtain and keep on file personal information about you or your business, which is then shared with third parties, such as, but not limited to, insurance companies, in order to provide insurance related services.


The information we collect allows us, as an insurance brokerage, to provide risk management and broker insurance services, while acting on your behalf and there or multiple ways in which we may be collecting your information.

Online: When using our online website, our online application(s), or one of our online platforms, information is being collected. The information we collect is provided voluntarily by you in order to receive an insurance service.

· Purchasing a Policy Online – When a policy is purchased, all information provided (minus credit card information) is kept on file by our office, the insurance company on risk and the third party eCommerce company used to operate the online platform.

· Quotes – For non-bound policies, your name, phone number and email are provided to us and kept on file for 14 days.

· Social Media – When you engage with us over social media, your information is stored as per our user agreement with such sites, as saved in our history with Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform.

In Person/ Email,/Telephone/ Facsimile/ Mail/Courier: The information we collect from you is obtained and kept for the following reasons, and at times is disclosed to third parties for insurance related purposes.

· To allow us to contact you – By collecting your contact information, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, it will allow us to be in communication with you;

· To allow us to act as your broker – In order to act as your insurance broker, we will at times be required to collect and compile applications of insurance which would include contact information, age, personal identification, (including but not limited to drivers license numbers, MVR reports, auto plus reports), business information, employee information, lienholder or

leasing information and at times banking information all for the purpose to provide risk management and insurance services to you.


At Magenta Insurance we do not disclose or share your personal information with anyone or any organization except for the following reasons:

· When permitted by law

· When authorized by you

· When sharing your information to obtain quotes, coverage, renewals, endorsements, amendments, or any other insurance related reasons, as intended in our relationship while acting on your behalf as your insurance broker or as instructed by you.

Please note when providing your personal information with third party insurance companies we ensure adhere to and have implemented Privacy Policies to ensure your information is kept safe.


We cannot obtain, use or disclose your Personal Information without your consent. Therefore, we require your full knowledge when obtaining and collecting your data. We want you to know when it’s being collected and why and most of all – we want your consent, which can be provided in the following ways.

· Online – By agreeing to our privacy policy via our online platforms

· Privacy Consent Form – By completing, dating, and signing our privacy consent form


Magenta Insurance will only request and collect data that is necessary for the identified purpose. Once obtained, the data will be:

· Used only for the identified purpose

· Kept and stored by us for no longer than what is required for the identified purpose

· Obtain your consent whenever the data and information collected is used for a new purpose


When collecting and recording your Personal Information, Magenta Insurance will ensure all information is entered accurately and properly. Should your information change during the course or our relationship (such as an address, email, or phone number) please be sure to let us know so we can update our files accordingly


We have put into place safeguards in order to protect your personal information. Along with physical safeguards, we also have third party security to safeguard your electronic data, which include regular cyber scans.


Your data belongs to you and we have put measures in place in order to protect that data. If at anytime you would like a report on what information we are keeping on file, please contact our privacy officer.


If you have a complaint or question about your privacy and our privacy proceedures, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer at:

Lisa Vercillo, Chief Privacy Officer

Magenta Insurance Professionals Inc.

202-1555 Glenora Drive

London, ON N5X 1V7 (e) (t) 519.601.5554

or alternately you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at