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Some of the insurance companies you have contracts with mandate that as a restoration contractor you have very specific insurance coverages. If you have a contract with Desardin Insurance, that contract will state that you are required to have coverages that you probably didn’t realize you needed! Unlike Contractor Connection, they don’t ask for proof of insurance so you won’t know there is a gap in your insurance coverage until there is a problem and then it’s too late!

Desjardin Insurance Requirements

$5,000,000 Commercial General Liability
$500,000 Builders Risk Insurance
$1,000,000 Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance

Contractor Connection Requirements

$1,000,000 Commercial General Liability
$1,000,000 Automobile Liability
$1,000,000 Contractor Pollution Liability (mold & asbestos)
$250,000 Bailee’s Insurance

Connection Contracteur Crawford
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are to be additional insureds on the policy with some very specific wording requirements!

This list is not exclusive of the coverage requirements but is intended to bring to your attention that you may not currently have. In light of the Desjardin requirements we are now able to offer Builders Risk and Warehouseman’s Legal Liability on our Restoration Contractor Program at a significantly discounted rate, We would be happy to help by reviewing the contracts you have with other all your insurers.

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“We have been using Magenta Insurance Professionals since June 2015.
Lisa Vercillo is very knowledgeable and prompt to respond to inquiry. Lisa has a thorough understanding of the restoration services industry that allows her to customize her recommendations for coverage to our specific industry needs. Choosing Magenta allowed us to realize significant savings in our premiums.

We would recommend Magenta as an insurance provider without hesitation.”

Mark Blockeel, Owner
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Lisa Vercillo

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