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The Education & Early Years Act that came into effect August 2015 in Ontario which provides the Government with greater authority and enforcement tools to enhance safety and also allows for regulated home childcare providers to increase the number of children they care for up to six.

Lisa Vercillo, CIP, CRM, Director of Magenta Insurance Professionals has specialized in providing licensed childcare centres with insurance since 1999 and a strong supporter of licensed home care child care. Vercillo warns “ just like having any business in your home, not letting your insurance company know that you are caring for children can void your homeowners or tenants insurance policy”

Some insurers are able to add an endorsement onto your residential policy providing liability coverage up to a certain number of children but very few allow for 6 children which the new act allows. This can leave childcare providers scrambling for insurance. The Homebased Security Blanket Insurance program is designed specifically for regulated/licensed childcare and is available in all provinces expect Quebec.
Vercillo says “licensing agencies need to make sure providers have the proper insurance in place”.

Contact: Lisa Vercillo, 519-317-0256